World Committee (CMA)

for Lifelong Learning

Who are we?
We are education and training specialists, company directors, researchers, academics, students, teachers, trainers, elected representatives, from all countries and sectors of the civil society – either educational, economic, associative or administrative.

We decided to unite our efforts to create an international NGO in partnership with UNESCO. Some of us already have a long experience of initial and continuing education, especially in developing countries. We all share a strong determination to contribute to a harmonious development of the lifelong learning sector.
The World Committee was created in 2004 by a team o f French, Chinese, North-American and Quebec professionals. The founders came from all sectors of society listed above.

The original goal that led to the creation of the World Committee, stemmed from the observation that the lifelong learning concept had evolved in the 1990s from a recommendation to a necessity, owing to the advent of the Knowledge Society, in which the sharing of knowledge and skills are a key factor.

Honorary resident: Pierre-Julien Dubost

Executive Committee

President: Alexandre Ginoyer
Vice President: Martine Souweine
Vice President: Francisco Queiruga
Secretary Géneral:
Assistant Secretary Géneral: Francine Depras
Treasurer:  Révelyne Chabrun
General Delegate: Farida Temimi
General Delegate: Alfonso Lizarzaburu
General Delegate: Michel Panet
General Delegate: Patrick Waeles

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