Aging America: seven myths

Source : MacArthur foundation research network on an aging society

The dramatic increase in life expectancy in the United States and
all other developed nations in the 20th century is one of the greatest
cultural and scientific advances in our history. Yet, we are woefully
unprepared to address the challenges—such as potential conflicts
aggravated by generational differences—and take advantage of the
opportunities—unleashing the productivity inherent in a healthy
elderly population, for example—that stand before us.

Seven myths
  1. Aging in America is a temporary phenomenon
    caused by the baby boom.
  2. Physical and mental capacity inevitably decline
    with biological aging.
  3. Aging mainly impacts the elderly.
  4. In an aging society, the young and old are
    inevitably pitted against each other.
  5. Policymakersmust choose between investments
    in youth or the elderly.
  6. The biggest public problems facing an aging
    America stemfromSocial Security andMedicare/Medicaid.
  7.  We can stabilize the age of our population by
    increasing immigration.

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