Long ageing and oeconomy!

Pierre Calame, in his work Essay on Oeconomie(1), asks the question: “How in the context of globalization, humanity can it reconcile the economic needs, with the fact impossible to circumvent that the natural resources are limited
He writes: “the oeconomy is a branch of the governance. It has the aim of creating institutional actors and fittings, processes and rules, aiming at organizing the production, the distribution and the use of the goods and the services in order to ensure humanity all the possible wellness by benefitting the best from technical capabilities and from the human creativity, to ensure an enrichment and safeguarding constant worry of the biosphere, of conservation of the interests, rights and capacities of initiatives of the future generations under conditions of responsibility and equity causing adhesion of all….The democracy is not a political regime, it is the shared feeling which each one lays out of a certain catch on the collective destiny
Twenty years of retirement brought the confirmation of two realities to us: we need the adhesion of all, without what there will be no more requirement fault of present; each one has a certain catch on the collective destiny.
Today, in the world, a person on seven with more than 60 years, this can-being one on five in 2050, is more than 2 billion, and it is tomorrow!
We understood that the danger was not in ageing, normal function, but in the lack of desire, pleasure of good food this last third of life, 30.40 years possible, after the career.
We decided to undertake an action/deliberation on why and it how the elder ones, in an ethical and responsible control, could take part in the knowledge and the control of a company where best passes before more, where the desire and the pleasure of living are a project.
We built our own answer: to continue to learn how to undertake our work of pensioner, just like our career, in the capacity as known and recognized professional, responsible and possible pilot for young people but also for those and those wishing to share a community of reflections and actions on the happy consequences and less than one long time of ageing.
To return to the etymological direction “oikos” the hearth, the house common and “nomos” the law, in material and immaterial exchanges of the human beings between them, the companies between them, and humanity with the biosphere, here is an objective of new career, or started from this long ageing.
We know that the first act is a time of training.
This is why we have the plan of a “School of the 3rd chance reprocesses and long ageing”
Join us, we need you, whatever your age, your formation, profession, social situation, economic, religious, or territorial. We remain at your disposal

Pierre Caro
reprocessed professional, enquiring autodidact: retirement and long ageing.
A6 Association

(1) CALAME, Pierre, Essay on Oeconomy,  Paris(France): Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer, 2009