Call to contribution “Aging well a long time”

Retirement and long ageing, third stage of life  !

« To get ready for» it is to undertake a precondition, to implement reflexion and actions ahead of a plan.

The awarness of the lengthening of life expectancy beyond 60 years – a worldwide average of more than 6 years between 1990 and 2014 – coincide roughly with the entrance in the XXIth century.

The number of more than 60 years old persons could augment of about 60 % on the horizon 2030 and about 75 % for more than 80 years. Source French national institute of statistics and economic studies.

Few of us approach idea that a «urgent common job» must be undertaken in such revolution which reappraises the foundations of the organisation of the worldwide society.

No more state, no region, no family can envisage tomorrow without taking into account that we are always more numerous and older in a coexistence of interbreedinge social, economic, cultural of four, or even five generations, among which two, or even three are in situation of retirement and of long ageing in said developed countries, and for others than it is there so as soon as possible.

And yet all know that one of the necessary priorities for life in society, it is «education-training in a permanent learning» base of elements from relations to the others, of human dignity by exercise of an including, learnt, chosen responsibility and undertaken with pleasure for a personal and collective growth who allows recognition.

To take back a writings of founder of ATD Quarter World Joseph Wresinski: «Charity drives the poor people in indignity». 20 years of retirement allow us to write today: «the absence of life horizon prepares the future pensioners and old in destitution – lack of useful things for life.»

These things possible be desire, happiness, pleasure of the personal and collective growth by remaining responsible, autonomous in his choices of mode, condition and environment, in expression of its rights and duties, in sharing and collaboration between generations across the world.

We know that uselessness feeling is the worst of troubles, harder with progress in age.

To get ready it is therefore to undertake a time of learning, if possible before the end of career, to visit again its knowledge, to correct its ignorance, to construct the necessary and essentiel tools to learn, to understand and to undertake next decades by the sharing of knowledges and experiments as longer as possible.

Transmit (trans mittere «desposited beyond») to give in, to pass… is not any more enough facing the speeds of the applications of scientific and technical progress.

It is to accompany (walk with a companion) in solidarity and autonomisation that it is necessary to develop to make that this third stage of retirement and long ageing, is a long time of peace, of sharing in reciprocity, for the pleasure of life.

To get ready it is to get involved as elder responsible in an ethical and deontological behaviour of human values..

Do you want to join us in this plan of «reflexion and actions» which should end by a MOOC – Massive Open Online Cours e– who could have as title «to get ready for a long time of retirement and of ageing»  ?

The project group “Aging well a long time“, under the supervision of Pierre Caro, gave a deadline to introduce this plan: June, 2018?
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